Japan Airlines safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Japan Airlines will continue to undertake JAL FlySafe hygiene measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in order to provide all Japan Airlines guests with a safe and secure travel experience. Doing everything Japan Airlines can to protect guests and keep them safe from infection. Face masks and face guards worn by airport staff. Disinfectant is used to clean areas around seat, including tables, armrests, screens, and controllers, as well as frequently touched surfaces, such as lavatory door knobs and faucet handles. (This procedure may be affected by aircraft rotation).

Antiviral and Anti-Bacterial Coating in Aircraft Cabins. Antiviral and Anti-Bacterial Coating to entrance, seats, Food & Beverage Counter, toilets and other high-touch areas of passengers at all our lounges in Japan. Antiviral and Anti-Bacterial Coating to seats, shelves, walls, and other high-touch areas of passengers inside aircraft cabins. Mandatory face masks and gloves for Japan Airlines cabin crew. As a precautionary measure, cabin crew will wear face masks on international and domestic flights.

Cabin crew will also wear gloves when serving meals and beverages. Cabin air is constantly being refreshed every two to three minutes, intaking air through the engines of an aircraft, and replacing the air inside the cabin. Japan Airlines aircraft cabins are cleaned and disinfected regularly, but to ensure passengers can travel with peace of mind, JAL flight attendants can provide passenger with disinfectant wipes upon request. After using the wipes, passenger can place them in the disposal bag provided. All these safety measures are taken to fly safe with Japan Airlines.